All about Casual Chic fashion

What is Casual Fashion

If you've wondered what casual means, you're in the right article. Casual clothing is casual clothing, clothing to be enjoyed and experienced at any time. A functional fashion style that you can wear every day and, depending on your accessories and how you combine them, you can create endless possibilities.

The meaning of the word casual is "happening by pure chance". So we can understand that this style is fresh, casual and expresses more of your personality than you think.


How to dress casual

To dress casual you don't have to think too much. You don't have to strive for harmony as a whole or use a particular garment.

Cotton clothes, jeans, blazers, boots or slippers. Depending on how you combine your clothes you can get a casual elegant look or a casual casual casual look. 

In women's fashion, there are endless possibilities to use the same garment and give a completely different touch to your outfit depending on how the different accessories are combined. 

Outfit Casual

For a more formal Casual Wear, you can match your jeans, a jacket and high heels. If you wear your hair up, it will always look more sophisticated. For a more casual and comfortable style, the use of slippers, either with a dress or trousers, will look very chic. 

If you love casual sneakers, think black or white, a classic that never fails. You will find them in all colors and fabrics, because in this case, remember, you set the trend. 

In sport look we will highlight men's fashion with casual sneakers. They are comfortable and can be combined with short or long jeans and cotton and Bermuda shorts. A casual look but suitable for any occasion in your daily life. 

This summer, don't hesitate to intersperse your favourite cooler and more functional clothes with those hats, bags, glasses or other accessories that will help you look unique this season.

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