Fashion trends for spring summer 2023

Welcome to Spring Summer 2023, the time of year when the sun shines brighter, temperatures rise, and fashion trends are renewed! This year, fashion is filled with freshness and elegance, with pastel shades and loose silhouettes that promise to keep us comfortable and fashionable. But that's not all, new trends such as seafoam green and lingerie-inspired clothing are also making their mark.

Pastel colors, especially seafoam green

Let's start by talking about the colors of the season. Pastel shades are a trend that never goes out of style, but this year in particular, seafoam green will be the color that sets the tone. This shade is characterized by being soft and delicate and is perfect for combining with other pastel colors such as pink or lilac. You can wear it in blouses, dresses, pants, and any garment that makes you feel fresh and fashionable.

Lingerie-inspired clothing

Another important trend in Spring Summer 2023 is lingerie-inspired clothing. This trend focuses on garments with lace details and transparencies, such as corsets and lingerie-style shirts. These pieces can be combined with looser garments to create a more sophisticated and elegant look. They are also ideal for giving a sensual and romantic touch to any outfit.

Patterns and wide-leg pants

In addition to these trends, there are some that repeat season after season. Floral patterns are a classic in Spring Summer, and this year will be no different. Wide-leg pants and midi dresses are also in style, and can be worn with platform sandals or sneakers to give a more casual touch to the look.

Large jewelry and accessories

On the other hand, large accessories such as hats and jewelry are also in trend this season.

Light fabrics

As for fabrics, lightweight and fresh garments are an ideal choice for Spring Summer. Linen and silk are perfect options for staying cool on the hottest days, and cotton and viscose garments can also be found that are comfortable and elegant.

Summing up the fashion for this season

In summary, Spring Summer 2023 fashion is characterized by freshness, elegance, and comfort. Trends such as seafoam green and lingerie-inspired clothing add a touch of sophistication and sensuality, while pastel shades and floral patterns give a softer and more delicate touch. Don't forget to experiment with different combinations to find your own style and feel comfortable and fashionable in any situation. Enjoy the season!

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