Estilo de moda Boho Chic

Boho Chic is a style that has been around for a long time. It comes from the first two letters of Bohemian Homeless. By the meaning, we could say that we are in front of a style for few wealthy people, but no, this style is chosen by personalities who have ostentatious economic resources.

It consists of a comfortable, casual, romantic and above all, stylish way of dressing. We could say that it would be a bit hippie, but elegant.

This style is very associated with the summer, and above all with beach towns. But not only in these places you can find the Boho Chic style, big cities like New York or London become the perfect scenario for an improvised fashion show.


Elements of the Boho Chic style

Bohochic clothes are colorful, printed, cheerful shapes and bold combinations chromatically, but with a serene touch. Sometimes it can be reduced to a neutral color dotted with figures in a color that stands out from the main one.

Laces and transparent parts are also found on the clothes. The fringes at the end of a dress, or on a jacket, are characteristic in the same way. No tight clothing, as we said at the beginning it is about comfort with elegance. 

In shoes it is better not to wear a heel. If you wear platform shoes, they are light. Sandals are a perfect alternative. Imagine you want to go to a beach party at sunset and you want to be comfortable... this could be a good place to start!


Complementos de moda Boho Chic

Fashion accessories Boho Chic

Felts and hats are the perfect complement, especially in summer. Wear scarves or a foulard. Necklaces, as well as large, bohemian-sized earrings, will complement our outfit perfectly. Classic cut sunglasses and silver rings are also worn by trend-setting celebrities. 


Celebrities with Boho Chic style

Some of the international celebrities who adopt this way of dressing, and with which you can be inspired to prepare your outfits are:

1.       Elsa Pataky

2.       Sienna Miller

3.       Sara Carbonero

4.       Ashley Olsen

5.       Sarah Jessica Parker


Tienda online de ropa y complementos Boho Chic

Buy clothes and accessories Boho Chic

We know that this style makes your soul very chic, so we have a selection that you will love to wear Boho. In our online store we have clothes, fashion accessories and jewelry for your outfits. If you want something specific or have an idea that can complement our offer boho contact us!

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