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Preppy style is a different way of dressing that never goes out of style. You may not be familiar with the term, but you will certainly be able to recognize it. A classic fashion style with a fun and youthful touch that is very flattering. This autumn, surprise with an "American style" dress that sets the trend outside and inside the catwalks.

What is the Preppy style?

Preppy Style is characterised by a markedly conservative and conventional trend in which we highlight basic garments such as white jumpers and shirts, checkered prints (especially on skirts and jackets) and pastel shades.

This style comes from the high university Preparatory Schools (USA). It is also known as the "Ivy style", after the Ivy League universities, which includes eight elite private universities including Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University and Yale University. These young people from high society, concerned about their style, and looking for a clear differentiation from their parents, created a style that is still alive decades later. Designs from prestigious brands such as Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger are inspired by this style for the creation of new outfits every season.

In the Pretty style we can find in a very usual way coats of arms, both in sweatshirts, jumpers or shirts even in accessories such as caps, inviting us to remember the university atmosphere. Other classics are the comfortable merceditas or classic jeans, moving away from the modern breaks or worn out.

A pretty style of structured silhouettes goes beyond a punctual look, it is a style based on concern for aesthetics, elegant and lively, a timeless classic with infinite possibilities.

5 Tips for impeccable Preppy style

1. Do not wear excessively high heels or platforms

2. Pronounced necklines are not cool in this style.

3. Even if you give your personal touch, do not combine it with a rock style.

4. Remember the preppy style has is elegant, inspires class and taste, so avoid too shocking or modern combinations, and not only in clothing, but also hairstyles, makeup, etc. Less is more.

5. Minimalism and preppy, the best mix.

Ropa preppy

Preppy style pieces that cannot be missing from your wardrobe

These are some of the clothes that can't be missing from your wardrobe to show off with a Preppy Chic and Fascinating style.

1. White shirt. A basic outfit that you can combine perfectly with any skirt or trousers, even under your basic jumper. A real hit.

2. A checkered blazer. It is the undisputed protagonist that your collection needs. Easy to combine, super flattering and the easiest way to wear that characteristic collage style.

3. Sweaters with stripes, inspired by the Ivy League. A navy blue with red stripes is the most classic and characteristic.

4. Checked skirt in a slat. Do you remember the typical school skirts? A versatile garment that you can wear with your basic shirt or jumper. Give it your most chic touch.

5. Gabardine. This classic coat press does not go out of fashion. Take advantage of this autumn winter and combine your pretty look with a beige gabardine. A real hit.

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