Do you know what the Sporty Chic style is? This style has been used all over the world for some time, but now that autumn and even winter have arrived, it is more than helpful. 

It consists of looking elegant without sacrificing comfort. And how do we achieve this? Very easy! Combining sportswear with elegant. Normally this type of clothing has been stylized more than anything in spring. It is inspired by the always sunny California, and we, as fashion lovers, import it to the rest of the world. 

The fact that running has spread all over the world, makes sportswear have been booming. It's easy to have more sportswear than party wear, so sometimes we have no choice but to combine the clothes. 

For those who wonder... this style does not understand sexes. Men and women can wear sporty outfits and it will always be well seen. And the best... they will be comfortable. 

Techniques to create a Sporty Chic style

In the case of women, there are simple combinations that allow them to look elegant and sporty:

  • Tube skirts with sweatshirts and high heels.
  • Skirt with brand t-shirt and heels or slippers.
  • Jeans with sweatshirt, dress jacket and heels.
  • Sports tights with dress tops and heels.
  • Sweatshirt trousers, with leather jacket and heels.
  • Adjusted long dress, with leather jacket and sneakers.

The combinations are multiple. Although, when winter arrived, we opted for a dress jacket, with a sweatshirt, and a pair of jeans or a tight skirt. In the feet you can wear what you like, although always a few heels will give more sense of elegance. 

Complements for Sporty Chic styles

Fashion accessories and costume jewellery can be a wonderful ally for this style. In this case we recommend you different options: 

  • Sunglasses, always give a sophisticated air.
  • Colored bags.
  • Large earrings and earrings
  • Small and colorful earrings
  • Coloured watches...

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