Sterling silver Hoop earrings
Sterling silver Hoop earrings

Sterling silver Hoop earrings

If you like simple earrings with a modern twist, you'll love these sterling silver climbing earrings that are simulating double hoops. They stand out for their comfort and simplicity of form, but with a casual and functional touch. These basic earrings are perfect for any occasion. Earrings made in 925 Sterling Silver.



Small in size, they adapt to your earlobe in such a way that it will seem as if you are not wearing them. Due to their light weight, you won't even notice them.  If you want functional earrings, for your everyday outfit, that simulate a double earring and comfortable, you try them, you'll love them. Wear them with your hair down or up. They look chic!

Width (approximate)
0,8 cm
925 Sterling Silver
High (approximate)
1,3 cm
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